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I first met Cannabis in the 60s when people would stand around in a circle passing around this strange smelling cigarette. 30 years later, as a Forester, I would occasionally have to wade through fields of tall hemp weeds (Cannabis) to get to the Forest. And now, 30 years later, 2019, I am using hemp oil to subdue the effects of Multiple Sclerosis on my body. I find my legs and my mind, together, are more peaceful at night to acquire a very peaceful sleep.
Cannabinoids in hemp oil combine well with the endo cannabinoids in our bodies. The endocannabinoids are part of our immune system with the purpose of bringing the body back to homeostasis after injury or disease. Research is showing that the hemp oil helps with forms of Anxiety like PTSD (post-traumatic stress), GAD, generalized anxiety disorder and others. It’s so amazing!

Charlotte Schneider, Missouri Forester 40+ years, Certified Arborist 20 years,
Health advocate, Author: Female Forester Forever & Our Little Urban Arboretum

Returning, Here and Now

I have been neglecting MS Primary Progressive in favor of Instagram to do some 1-minute videos and try other approaches 2 Share. But this allows more pictures and more organization. It was suggested I change the name because people don’t relate to Primary Progressive as being a type of Multiple Sclerosis. The people who have it certainly understand.

I am blessed because after 35+ years Primary Progressive it has been changed to Secondary Progressive. I must be doing something right.

My other WordPress account is titled Urban Arboretum Diary; tho’ it is really about trees and shrubs in our environment in St. Louis. Considering trees and shrubs deal with the same things as us:  disease, environment, weather, neglect, weakened immune systems, injury, etc. there are many health conditions and reactions that are similar.

Charlotte Schneider, Missouri Forester 40+ plus years, Certified Arborist 20 years,
Health advocate, Author Female Forester Forever & Our Little Urban Arboretum

homeostasis–What on earth is it!?

I want homeostasis. It means every cell in my body is producing and reproducing at its optimal.  To accomplish this I take great alternative medicines, try to eat organic and take terrific organic supplements. I drink pure water loaded with minerals. And I worship a loving God who takes care of.
But I also have to deal with an autoimmune disease that tends to derail me When you’re walking railroad tracks you fall off you get back on. When the train comes by you get off and get back on, but you always want to have your friends at your back.
This is  text of my one minute Instagram video of March 31

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What do Minerals do for Us — Trees, and People


It isn’t fair to have all those great pictures on my phone//computer and not be able to use them, but I respect copyrights. Just ask your phone these questions…….

Minerals, Trees, and People

I asked my smart phone ‘ What if my tree is not getting enough manganese?’ ( You could do this with any element on the Periodic Table of Elements.) It showed pictures where green chlorophyll was lost in patterns between veins.

I pondered, ‘What if my tree was getting too much of an element, like potassium. The phone showed me pictures of leaves with different patterns and some fertilizer burn along the margins.

Personally, I was taking a potassium supplement. I asked the phone ‘What if I were getting too much potassium?’ I listened and decided to take potassium naturally, with foods and plant-based supplements rather than a chemical-based supplement.

The human gut picks up minerals better when it is alkaline. But trees and shrubs need more acidic soil to extract their minerals or they become chlorotic.  Ask your phone for pictures of chlorotic plants.

What if there are toxins in the soil, like pesticides and heavy metals?  My phone showed me pictures of leaves responding to toxins in the soil.  As an arborist I have certainly seen lots of this in the Urban environment.  Toxins affect the DNA of trees, causing erratic growth of cells in leaves and decline of the tree’s health.

How does the human body respond to toxins in our environment, in food, drinking water and the air we breath?

Charlotte Schneider, Certified Arborist,  Missouri Forester 25 years, Healthcare Advocate

primary progressive multiple sclerosis survivor

clean air

20180209_082622Hello Friends,

I am blessed to have the opportunity to share what I have learned about health care with you all. Very often what is good for people is also good for animals and plants.

Though nutrition types and amounts may vary, the need for clean air is undeniable. These light bulbs dissolve bacteria, viruses, fungi, pollutants,, allergens, volatile organic compounds, smoke, gases… they are even known to be mood changers thanks to their warm bright light.


Titanium oxide and a little bit of electricity does the job of a tree in your bathroom, bedroom, basement… check out these amazing videos and the informational calls. More bulb types are coming available in the near future.

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Why Me?

WEArainndTreesINTYears ago I learned about karst topography –The Limestone bedrock dissolves as Rainwater and the chemicals it picks up move down, forming underground caves and streams.–

from the local Sierra Club and then Forestry school. Industrial Waste, medical waste; human and animal waste…Those beautiful Crystal clear waters in the country can hide many terrible things.–

After graduating and moving to the country I wondered too about the wells I was drinking from. Then I came down with primary Progressive multiple sclerosis. And my family wondered Why?

The foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath, affect our health. Despite my age and infirmity, my health is now improving, and it feels great!

You may also find the information given on detoxing interesting.


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To avoid or at least weaken, seasonal allergies, eat high-antioxidant foods, avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits that cause even a mild reaction such as itchy, tingling, swollen lips, watery eyes, etc. Some foods. can trigger grass and weed allergies. Keep a diary. And keep your immune system strong. You might check this out for other suggestions.



I always thought

As a Forester working in the woods I always thought I was healthy. Then I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I thought I ate good. Now I find the foods I ate were likely loaded with bad GMOs, pesticides, antibiotics, and other nasty chemicals.

Now I eat organic fruits and vegetables,. More expensive up front, but in the long run less costly. I was introduced to safe food supplements, which makes my life simpler. And I love the feeling.+++

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Fingernail Talk

I’ve noticed many improvements in my body. What I hadn’t expectedfingernails and probably should have is… for the first time in my life I have fingernails!. They don’t split or crack, they’re easy to clean, they are not stiff but somewhat flexible like you would expect of the protein keratin

Wow I love it. Here I am 70 years old struggling with 33+ years primary progressive MS, sporting the look of a young woman’s hands. Not only that, my hair is darker and I have less facial hair to deal with. As a woman you know those nagging ‘man hairs’ that stick out on a chin. Obviously my female hormones affecting my body’s keratin are working..

Our PhytoZon® is proven to affect anti-aging due to its effect on the IGF-1 growth hormone. With 37 trillion cells in the body I guess it took a while to get to the fingernails. It certainly was worth the wait. I wonder what’s next?

Of course it could have to do with the other things I indulge in like drinking water, Olive and coconut oil. organic fruits and vegetables, Meats from free-range animals without chemicals, oil of oregano once in awhile and etcetera. Expensive? Nothing compared to the cost of medicines and doctors trying to correct.

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October 20, 2017


20170723_102800As a Forester and CA I have hundreds of times heard ‘trees do not heal they only seal a wound’. I disagree. Callus growth forms outside and barriers inside to protect the tree.

Trees reabsorb a lot of these barriers and callous growths. I remember observing a logged area where a tree was cut three feet above the base because the bottom couple feet were Hollow due to a battle scar with a forest fire. Above that wound the wood was clean. And obviously the logger knew.

What difference to me? scar tissue from Multiple Sclerosis infection that formed on my spine, in my brain, in my atrophied arm is very similar to callus and barriers on and in trees.

When I posed this belief to a wonderful new friend studying cell structure related to cancer, he texted me back stating “Reabsorption of scar tissue is a critical process in our bodies and for trees.” “… many chronic diseases are due to a lack of proper wound healing.”

In trees it would have to relate to proper nutrition (from soil, rain, air) and tolerable stress (from competition, air and water pollution, I&D wounding) as well as genetics. What will it take for my body to reabsorb my scar tissues assuming that will be good for me?

Has anyone out there in Facebook land learned how to reabsorb scar tissue?

Charlotte Schneider 314-363-2040

40 years Missouri Forester, Certified Arborist

Author Female Forester Forever

Distributor American Dream Nutrition

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